Google Resources

Link for logging into Google accounts.

HS Video Presentation (Mrs. Brisini)

Middle School Presentation on Distribution of Chromebooks (August 2016)

Bloomfield 1-to-1 Acceptable Use Policy & Handbook

1-to-1 Permission Slip (English)     (Spanish)

Use this page for information and resources on Bloomfield's Google Apps Domain...

Subscribe to the Google Apps for Education community in Google+ (the old Google Hangouts). Some of the news is more related to back-end administration of accounts and setup of apps, etc. But there are posts to Discussion Boards on all kinds of topics, including use of blogs, accessing YouTube. It is fascinating to see what others are doing. You have to apply and subscribe to this 'Hangout' as you do other Google resources, but registration will be almost automatic, if you use your email account.

Video introduction to GAFE.

Ian Jukes is a leading voice in understanding and educating the Digitally Native generation. He has spoken at various venues in New Jersey. Here is a video with a summary of his ideas.

Here is a great video on the basics of Google Classroom

Logging Into Bloomfield's Google Domain.

Effingham Middle School, in Guyton Georgia, has some extraordinary Google Resources. Amazing. 


NEW Google Sites - Training & Resources
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